Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are your main products?
Our main products are board to board pin headers and female headers with customizable features for various needs.
Where do you sell your products?
Where are your products used?
With the potential to be utilized in most electronics, our products are most commonly used in industrial, automotive and consumer applications.
Where can I find information on a specific Greenconn part?
You are welcome to visit our website at or contact us at
Is Greenconn able to supply automotive products?
Absolutely! Our factories are equipped with IATF 16949, and we can provide Level 3 PPAP and IMDS submission upon request. In fact, our products are used by many of the automotive OEMs.
Is there a way to customize a standard Greenconn connector?
Yes! A 3D-modeling tool is seamlessly integrated into our website to allow you to quickly configure the design you need. Modifications will come almost instantly as you customize the options. When you finish, you can download the technical information, including the drawing and 3D model (available in various formats).
Can I get free samples of Greenconn connectors?
Greenconn can provide free samples of up to 20pcs, with a lead time within 2 weeks. Please submit your request to us at
What is the MSL (Moisture Sensitivity Level) classification of your products?
We classify all our parts under MSL Level 1.
What are Greenconn's warranty terms?
The storage environment of the product has a direct influence on the quality of the plastic component during the SMT soldering process. Please store the products under the following conditions:
  • HUMIDITY:65% Max
Product warranty is valid for 12 months from the date of delivery under the above stipulated conditions. It is recommended that products are used within 6 months of the date of delivery. No claims will be entertained for products returned after 12 months.
How can I find an authorized Greenconn Distributor?
Greenconn is globally franchised with Avnet. You can also contact to get further details on distribution.
Where are your sales offices?
Greenconn has sales offices located in Taipei, Shenzhen, Kunshan, Jiangxi, Chengdu, Chongqing and Toronto.
How long can you supply your products to us?
As long as the tooling is available, we can supply the products for over 10 years.
How long is a Greenconn quote valid?
A Greenconn quote's validity period is usually within 3 months.
Where can I get pricing information?
Please check with your existing contact at Greenconn or email us at if you do not already have one.
What are Greenconn's payment terms?
For new customers, Greenconn's payment terms are T/T in advance. After a certain period of time, payment terms can be discussed with your existing contact at Greenconn.
What is the MOQ of this product?
Our standard MOQ is 2K pcs. If the product uses special materials or plating, the MOQ will be adjusted accordingly.
Where are the products tested?
All Greenconn products are tested in our well-equipped laboratory. If you prefer, we are also open to work with a third party laboratory at your own expense.
What if my product has a problem after I receive it?
Please reach out to your existing Greenconn contact or email us at Our quality team will get back to you within 1 business day.
What is Greenconn's UL number?
Greenconn's UL number is ECBT2.E221178.
What kinds of certifications does Greenconn have?
Greenconn is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IECQ QC 080000 and IATF 16949 approved at its headquarters in Jiangxi.
Will Greenconn provide a formal RoHS CoC (Certificate of Compliance) for their products?
Yes, we can provide these compliances upon request. Please contact us at
How does Greenconn ensure the quality of its products?
Our products have to go through intensive inspections at various stages before being shipped out to our customers.
Does Greenconn manufacture the products?
Yes, Greenconn is vertically integrated, from product design, tooling manufacturing, stamping, plating, injection molding and automation. We complete all of these processes in house.
How does Greenconn accommodate different volumes of need?
Due to the different production methods that we employ, Greenconn is very flexible in terms of order quantity and customization. Fully automated assembly machines allow us to achieve efficiency for high volume production. For medium volume production, we developed modular automation. With this process, similar products can also share processes to reduce the quantity of machines needed and increase efficiency overall. Lastly, we still offer manual production lines to handle small order quantity and provide quick turnaround.
Is Greenconn's production center available for audit?
We encourage you to visit our production center to see how the products are produced. An audit can be arranged with our Quality Department. Contact us at for further information on audits.
What is Greenconn's tooling development lead time?
On average, it will take about 35 business days to develop the tooling of a new design. It will be much shorter if the design is a modification of an existing design.
What is Greenconn's production lead time?
Our standard lead time is 3-4 weeks upon receiving the order. If the stock is readily available, the lead time can be shortened.
What are Greenconn's R&D capabilities?
Our team can utilize various computer softwares to optimize a design. When a part is developed, it will be fully tested in our well-equipped lab. In regards to manufacturing, automation is available for high-quality mass production. See the graphic below for further understanding.
Can your team design products based upon our needs?
Yes. In fact, customized connectors account for over 20% of our products.
What should we provide for you to design a new part?
Just provide all the information you have (whether it is just a conceptual idea or a detailed drawing) and our team will provide a solution to meet your needs.
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