Discussion on the Development of Automobile Connectors

Discussion on the Development of Automobile Connectors

Automotive connectors are an essential component in the automobile circuit, with its reliability related to the normal operation of the whole vehicle system. With the requirements for automobile safety, environmental protection, comfort, intelligence, and others becoming higher and higher, automotive connector products also have heightened requirements on miniaturization, integration, high voltage resistance, high transmission speed and other capabilities.
1. Miniature Connectors

Today, electronic products are required to be smaller and smaller, driving the development of miniaturization in connectors. The miniaturization and thickness of the connector can not only reduce the cost, but also bring a bigger layout space for the product and facilitate the configuration of more intelligent functions. At the same time, it also brings higher requirements for the design, machining accuracy, and production process. Greenconn has specialized in the development of automotive connectors for 25 years, with a steady production of various product pitches ranging from 0.4mm to 8.5mm, and continues to make breakthroughs in micro-miniature connectors.
Figure 1 : Micro-miniature connector with various pitch and pin number options
2. Integrated connectors

Based on the requirements of saving space and improving system reliability, connectors are developing in the direction of integration, that is, integrating multiple functions into one. For example, integrating the power supply and signal transmission function can not only realize the current transmission of the product, but also meet signal transmission requirements at the same time.
Figure 2 : Integrated connector with power/signal transmission integrated as one
3. High Power Connectors

High power connectors are key components in automotive power transmission systems. Electrification has further driven the demand and development of high-voltage and high-current connectors. This type of connector is mainly used in automotive vehicle systems and charging systems. In particular, the long charging time affects the convenience of use and becomes a key factor restricting the development of electrification. In order to meet the fast-charging demand, the charging device is also showing a trend of high power. Therefore, high power connectors used in the automobile manufacturing industry must meet the high electrical, mechanical, and environmental performance requirements.
Figure 3 : High power floating connector of high reliability
4. High-speed Connectors

High-frequency/high-speed connectors are mainly used in fields that require high-speed signal transmission, such as 5G communication and automatic driving. The intelligent networking of automobiles has greatly stimulated the demand for high-speed connectors. With the development of electric vehicles in the field of autonomous driving and the enrichment of in-vehicle entertainment configurations, the demand for signal and energy transmission is also increasing. How to ensure the high-speed and stable transmission of signals between systems under high-speed conditions has become a major concern of connector manufacturers and end customers. Under this demand, Greenconn timely launched a variety of high-frequency/ high-speed connectors to meet various high-speed application requirements.
Figure 4 : High-frequency floating connector to meet the high-speed and stable transmission of signals
In the future, automotive connectors will gradually move from previous standardization to personalization and customization. Due to the high requirements on safety, stability, and functionality, automotive connectors are more developed towards customized products. This requires the close cooperation between connector manufacturer designers and automotive connector demand merchants to complete the end product of a customized automotive connector. To this end, Greenconn establishes product models and corresponding boundary conditions through a variety of simulation softwares. It also conducts simulation analysis and confirmation of the mechanical, electrical, and high-frequency performance of the connector, thereby reducing the cost of product development failure caused by factors such as material selection and unreasonable structure, and improving the success rate of development. Having been deeply involved in the field of automotive connectors for many years, Greenconn always adheres to the purpose of serving customers with the best products to meet their unique needs, and wholeheartedly creates exclusively customized connectors that are applicable, practical, and easy-to-use for our customers.
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